Who are The 888 Collective?

The 888 Collective are a social enterprise focused on creating work opportunities for people with mental health issues.

We provide stepping stones for individuals that have found themselves unemployed due to mental health issues through 3 channels. Education, tailored Personal Development and Mental Health Awareness programmes. Motivation, providing part time an shift work in our pop ups and office and empowering people through our App.

Our philosophy is based on three central pillars:


Our founder, Jana in partnership with JTDT has developed a Personal Development and Mental Health awareness program designed to give people the necessary skills and mindset they need to take control of their mental health issues with a view to moving forward and finding work. Jana also hosts talks designed to inform and raise awareness for people in leadership roles in the workplace. Find out more about Jana and The 888 Course.


It's important to us that you're not just another mental health statistic, we want your individuality to make you great. That's why we're consistently developing ways to help people grow.  We are currently developing an A.I driven neural network application that learns and supports each user individually. Stay connected and find out more - Subscribe.


Here at the 888 we've designed the 888 Spaces concept. Since launching the collective we have been working towards our ultimate goal, to host a space for people to interact, learn and motivate themselves to change. We also want a studio for wellbeing classes. With the success of our pop-up cafes, we're now teaming up with some amazing chefs and locations, hosting 88L8's to help raise awareness for our cause, provide work opportunities and celebrate our really talented members.


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