The 888 Experiences

Following on from our course, we spoke to some of the participants to check in and get an idea of their experience. We've received some really positive feedback. 

Blaise, "I can’t recommend this course enough. In two days it’s had more of an impact on me than anything I’ve experienced through the mental health care system.
"The fear of going back to a full time job is too much & not a realistic goal for me right now. However, I have taken steps in the right direction thanks to The 888 Collective who are helping me take back control of my Mental Health one step at a time."


Grace, "I feel incredibly blessed to have been given the opportunity to be part of this course. Being at ease and being able to speak freely about the issues you face daily is uplifting. Not only have I broken the routine of staying locked inside my home, I have traveled independently, navigated my journey and dealt with issues head on. 
"I have faced demons I did not know I had the strength to face. I have developed my understanding of my Mental Health and I have met like-minded, compassionate people that will help me on my journey. I will value the skills I have learned and look forward to using them to carry on striving instead of surviving."


For more information on the course and how to book your place please read our course page.