The 888 Experiences

Personal Development & Mental Health Management Course

Donna, "At first I was a little worried about committing and attending the course as deep inside, I was unsure that I would be good enough and able to keep up. Immediately I felt at ease by clearly understanding the format of the course and secondly, by the relaxed and comfortable environment. 
The Personal Development Course was professional, useful and worthwhile. It was straightforward and I learnt a lot about myself and others. It gave me a sense of purpose and achievement and will definitely be a guide towards my next steps of getting back into work. I recommend you sign up for the next course, give it a try, don't let it slip by... you will not be disappointed."
Grace, "I feel incredibly blessed to have been given the opportunity to be part of this course. Being at ease and being able to speak freely about the issues you face daily is uplifting. Not only have I broken the routine of staying locked inside my home, I have traveled independently, navigated my journey and dealt with issues head on. 
"I have faced demons I did not know I had the strength to face. I have developed my understanding of my Mental Health and I have met like-minded, compassionate people that will help me on my journey. I will value the skills I have learned and look forward to using them to carry on striving instead of surviving."

Regan, “The only grievance I have is that the course was not long enough! I believe I will find it really helpful in regard to tracking my pain levels. What you are doing is really important!”
Blaise, "I can’t recommend this course enough. In two days it’s had more of an impact on me than anything I’ve experienced through the mental health care system.
"The fear of going back to a full time job is too much & not a realistic goal for me right now. However, I have taken steps in the right direction thanks to The 888 Collective who are helping me take back control of my Mental Health one step at a time."
Michael, “I found the course both helpful, interesting and professional and it was tutored in a friendly, relaxed and humour-filled way. It has given me some focus on how to return to work and paperwork aside, I found it riveting!”


"A really enjoyable day. Jana's passion shines through and she has a real knack of explaining things clearly" - Kate


"Jana's presentation was relaxed, engaging and insightful. She brought energy and enthusiasm to an important topic which every business needs to learn". - Michael


"Really helpful & interesting workshop. Encouraging". - Rebecca



Managing Mental Health In the Workplace Course 

"Jana opened my eyes and brain to the value of understanding mental health for my company".Russell


"I would highly recommend this course for anybody who wants to expand their knowledge and gain useful tips to help your team" - Nicola



For more information on the course and how to book your place please read our course page.

How our graduates felt about their first shift back in work!

After our courses we run pop up restaurants to give as many graduates as possible their first shift back in work we call these nights 88L8s

George, "It was really great o be given a chance to build myself in such an accommodating, understanding and fun place. I think it was really good for me and I'd love to do something like it again."
Natasha, "Six months ago I was a nervous wreck, about to start my first shift at the 888 Collective and now I'm running the front of house and bossing my mum about! Our pop-up at the Dusty Knuckle was amazing and for a bunch of nutters, we did a fantastic job."
Grace"I feel like, for me, last night proved how capable I actually am and how little credit my mental health allows me to give myself. I'm buzzing from it and feel super-good." 

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How our customers felt

"The 888 Collective put on such an amazing event at the Dusty Knuckle! An evening promoting a cause many are so passionate about. Every course was amazing, with an option for all and full of flavour. On the night the staff were not only great hosts, but charismatic and entertaining throughout. The friendly ambience of the Dusty Knuckle only helped secure my impression that I was dining amongst amazing and warm people. I'm planning on attending every 88 L8 that happens!"
“Fantastic concept all round. Truly delicious food and an uplifting and rewarding project for those involved. The perfect combo. Sign me up for more please!” 
"Loved the brilliant  food and was a lovely heartfelt and uplifting experience. The venue was such a treasure and the night was pulled off beautifully. "
"I spent a lovely evening recently with friends dining at the 888Collective pop up restaurant in Dalston. I had not heard about this charity before or the good work it does and so was very happy to ‘pop’ along, show my support and learn more.
And WOW, what an evening: Intimate, informative, inspiring and inclusive. 
My friends and I were served really delicious food by a wonderfully charming young woman and had a great time catching up together ... all this for £20 and we helped the 888Collective in the process.
I learnt a little about what the Collective does that evening and I want to know more, and, help more - Helping others to help themselves is really important to me. Congrats to Jana and the team. I’m very much looking forward to the next one." 
Simon Garner
"We had such a fabulous evening! Delicious food, great ambience, and perfect service from delightful staff. Looking forward to the next one!"