Raising Awareness


The 888 Collective has two packages to help raise awareness and encourage communication in the workplace.

By booking a presentation or workshop will be building capital for The 888 Collective to secure a permanent cafe with a view to hiring up to 15 full time staff in 2018.

1/2 Hour Presentation - Hosted by Jana Dowling 

  • The most common mental health issues at work 
  • The most prescribed medications and their side effects 
  • Experiences with mental health deterioration at work 
  • Building, supporting and maintaining a healthy mental health wellbeing in the workplace
  • Open Q&A and private one to one sessions 

1/2 Day Workshop - Hosted by Jana Dowling 

  • 1/2 Hour presentation about mental health in the workplace
  • A workshop with anonymous survey covering site specific issues and insight into your employees current mental health awareness, understanding and issues
  • Role play workshop exploring reactions to mental health experiences and support in the workplace
  • Simple techniques to encourage mental wellbeing at work
  • Top tips on sustaining and maintainging a healthy mental wellbeing for those struggling
  • Open Q&A and private one to one sessions

Our Pop Up cafe can accompany both the presentation and workshop.