About The 888 Collective


The 888 Collective was founded by Jana Dowling inspired by personal experiences with mental health issues at work. Read More.

We aim to: 

Act as a stepping-stone, for those with mental health issues, to get into a working environment by creating a diverse range of jobs (we're not all good at the same thing). We are developing a series of pop up cafes, selling merchandise and clothing created using artwork, poetry & stories sent in to us and hosting events. 

Raise awareness through presentations, panel discussions and workshops within the workplace. These are focused on educating staff about the most common forms of mental health issues, symptoms, diagnosis, prescribed medication and their side effects. Opening the communication channels between those in leadership positions and those managing their mental health issues at work empowering both parties to reach a mutual goal of providing a stable and sustainable mental wellbeing in the office.

"At least one in six workers experiences common mental health problems including anxiety and depression, according to the Office for National Statistics – that’s a significant proportion of employees and customers." - Huffington Post