About The 888 Collective


The 888 collective is a social enterprise focused on creating work opportunities for people with mental health issues.

Mental Health is a big issue in today’s society. 

"At least one in six workers experiences common mental health problems including anxiety and depression, according to the Office for National Statistics – that’s a significant proportion of employees and customers." - Huffington Post

We know that mental health issues don't stop people from being productive members of the work force and we want to prove that by running a company that solely hires and values people with them. 

We are creating a diverse range of jobs by developing a series of pop up cafe's, selling merchandise and clothing created using artwork, poetry & stories sent in to us and hosting events and talks across London.

"No one should be ashamed of their mental health issues. I have Bipolar. It's both positive and challenging and it definitely doesn't determine how capable I am of being a business woman. Acknowledging and managing the tougher parts of your mental health ensures you get to be the best version of yourself. With knowledge of issues we can utilise each individuals strengths and support where needed. It's a simple case of working smart." - Jana Dowling, Founder.