Newsletter: Issue 2


The 888 Collective Newsletter

February 2018

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What have we been up to?

What a month! The 888 team have popped up in Liverpool Street, Soho and London Fields – serving up kick-ass toasties and healthy salads.

We’d like to give a big shout out to WeWork for letting us host in your venues. We would also like to show love to Katja, Sammi and Maddie for making it happen. Sending a big thank you to all their members for supporting us!

Team Update

We're entering exciting times and we’re proud to introduce you to a few new members of the Collective.


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Our new Digital Advisor Tom Fenwick-Smith is a creative badass with bags of experience. He’s worked at Google, Poke and REWIND to name a few and we’re very excited to have him on board.


Pamela Badham, Director of Four PR has been working away in the background right from the start, securing us some incredible coverage and we’re pleased to be able to introduce her as our official PR person!





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Joby Reeves is onboard as our Marketing & Admin Assistant. He's here to get things ship shape and organised.






Rosie Mills Eckmire has joined the team as our social media guru and is taking over our our online content. Our Blog/Artists Page and shop will be coming to life soon.

Success story of the week

Natasha was the first employee of The 888 Collective! She’s worked with us for the past 4 months and we couldn’t be more thrilled to let you know she has just been offered a full-time job in a very trendy East London Cafe! Read about Natasha’s amazing success story here.

Natasha – “Jana has been my personal mentor throughout this and believed in me when I thought no one else would.”

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It takes a true creative to challenge society and get people to face up to mental health. Adam is a man that does just that.

Anger? Depression? Anxiety? His thought-provoking imagery leaves no stone unturned.

Check out Adam’s amazing Art work on our website and if you like it, head over to our artist shop where you can find prints and originals.



The 888 Collective Mental Health Care Course is coming.

As if all of that wasn’t enough, we have been working with JTDT, a talent solutions training organisation - developing a mental health care course to support people with mental health issues that are out of work.

The course is currently being developed with a view to begin at the end of March.

For bookings please email

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We've released some amazing merchandise on our website available to buy now !

Every sale helps us achieve our goal to open the very first 888 space.

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