2017 Newsletter: Issue 1

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Hello! We hope you are enjoying the holiday season. This update is well overdue but happily it's because we have been incredibly busy over the past few months. So far The 888 Collective has hosted a 2 week pop up in FountLondon, a pop up in WeWork London Fields and opened our online shop selling our first line of merchandise. We are really pleased to have given work to 5 staff and we are looking forward to creating more positions and regular shifts.

"My experience of working at the collective so far has been overwhelmingly supportive. It’s surprisingly refreshing to be able to speak up when I’m struggling with something, especially with likeminded and kind individuals. The dooming anxiety I normally experience is less apparent and replaced with a perfectly manageable challenge"                      

 - Natasha Pop Up Shop & Cafe Assistant 



We would like to say another thank you to those who donated to help launch The 888 Collective. We know you are still waiting for your coffee! Please bear with us, we are doing our best to raise the funds to secure a permanent location for our cafe, we will keep you posted and hopefully will have good news soon. 



This new year brings in a new challenge. Our main aim is to open our first permanent cafe and shop but until we have the funding in place we will be;

  • Continuing to host our pop up cafe in communal work spaces and at events, not only across London but around the UK
  • Hosting talks in work places to raise awareness about Mental Health Issues  
  • Developing our merchandise including featuring our first artists line of T-Shirts
  • Launching an online artists shop featuring and selling artwork 
  • Launching a blog hosting a diverse range of content expressing thoughts, feelings, hurdles and encouragement attached to mental health issues



We'd like to say thank you to a few special people who have gone out of their way to support the growth of The 888 Collective.

Kirsty Husle -  ManyMinds Digital  
Pam Wills  - Four Pr & Marketing
Victoria, Luke & Owen - Bread Collective 
Emily Barker - Producer & Art Director
Neil Prem -  Allia
Victoria Gottschalk -  FountLondon
Jon Salmon -  Byte Entertainment
Dominique Holmes
Niesh Vanterpool
Connor Ross
Vinesh Kumar
Grace & Heather Aylward
Mathew Steans
Rameez Kaleem

And of course to the wonderful staff who have been working hard behind the scenes to make it all happen;
Lizzy, Didi, Natasha, Grainnee and Clare.


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