Welcome to 88 L8s!

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We collaborate with creative chefs and quirky cafes to host Pop Up restaurants and events. Our chefs will put together new and exciting menus for each evening and the nights will be fully staffed by 888 Collective members, all have graduated from our Personal Development and Mental Health Management Course and the 88L8 is their first shift back in work after suffering with mental health issues.

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"It was really great to be given a chance to build myself in such an accommodating, understanding and fun place."
"We had such a fabulous evening! Delicious food, great ambience, and perfect service from delightful staff. Looking forward to the next one!"

"Loved the brilliant  food and was a lovely heartfelt and uplifting experience. The venue was such a treasure and the night was pulled off beautifully."
"Our pop-up at the Dusty Knuckle was amazing and for a bunch of nutters, we did a fantastic job."
"The 888 Collective put on such an amazing event at the Dusty Knuckle! An evening promoting a cause many are so passionate about. Every course was amazing, with an option for all and full of flavour. On the night the staff were not only great hosts, but charismatic and entertaining throughout. The friendly ambience of the Dusty Knuckle only helped secure my impression that I was dining amongst amazing and warm people. I'm planning on attending every 88 L8 that happens!"
“Fantastic concept all round. Truly delicious food and an uplifting and rewarding project for those involved. The perfect combo. Sign me up for more please!”